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With three months of freedom ahead, there is no doubt that children everywhere are counting down the days until school’s out for summer. As excited as kids are to be free from the homework, class work, and education routine, pretty soon the intrigue of nothing-to-do will wear off, leaving moms everywhere with a chorus of children complaining about boredom.

Finding ways to occupy the kids is not always easy or budget-friendly, but here are seven activities that will help cure their boredom without breaking the bank:

1. Movie Dates

With regular theaters charging an arm and a leg for a couple hours of entertainment, food, and cool air, planning an at-home movie date is quite a bit less expensive, especially if you already have an Internet plus TV package in your home. Set aside an afternoon or evening to spend watching new and old movies that cost a fraction of the cost to rent or stream. Make a whole day of it by involving your kids in the kitchen and making special snacks to enjoy during the movie.

2. Museums

There are many kid friendly museums from science centers to child art museums to automobile and train museums, giving them educational entertainment. Additionally, most museums offer free admission for kids under a certain age, or free admission on a certain day.

3. Find A Local FestivalFamily Watching Television Together

Most areas or nearby areas have local events that can be found online, in the newspaper or local chamber of commerce. These events range from farmer’s markets, flea markets, concerts, food trucks, carnivals, city art walks, etc. Most of these events are free or have inexpensive entrance fees that benefit the city, local small business owners or various charities.

4. Check Out The Downtown Scene

Most cities have a local downtown where there are antique shops, unique restaurants and plenty of kid-friendly activities like outdoor roller-skating, summer day camps, or summer movies in the park.

Many people who have lived in their city for years have never ventured out into their downtown areas. Though they know the lay of the land, they have not had the time to be a tourist in their own town.

5. Family Board Game Tournament

Have some old-fashioned fun by bringing out the board games and having a friendly competition. Whether it’s Candy Land or Quelf, the entertainment board games provide are sure to keep any child occupied and free from boredom.

6. Camping

Whether it is in the backyard or at a campground, spend an evening communing with nature. Be sure to plan easy campfire meals like hotdogs, foil quesadillas, and dessert s’mores. Zip up the sleeping bags, bring extra flashlight batteries for the midnight story telling, and get ready to sleep beneath the stars.

7. Hiking

Around most areas are reserves or hiking trails. Plan a few trips where you and your family can get out together, exercise, and learn about nature.

Have fun this summer with these money saving ideas!

Image Source: www.childparenting.about.com

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Tina Hamilton is a journalist and blogger who loves all things DIY. You can usually find her in the middle of a project or walking along the Southern California beaches with her dog, Joey.

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