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Silencing Doubts

What Does “The Committee” Say to You?

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I’m Southern Baptist. We do a few things really well. You know, things like the Cooperative Program, fried chicken, and committees. We have committees for everything from arranging meals to Ziploc bags for the leftovers.

Don’t get me wrong. Committees can do great things. People working together toward a common goal can accomplish huge tasks. And, for the most part, the committees in my church are a key part of the smooth operation of our activities and programs which allow us to reach out effectively in our community.

But, sometimes committees get off track. Sometimes the people on committees allow what they want to say to be more important then what they need to do. And sometimes, committees do nothing but create confusion and make noise.

A few years ago, I laughingly told a group of ladies about the voices in my head. You know, the ones that say things like:

“You’ll never get this right.”
“What kind of mom are you?”
“She’s such a great wife. I should be more like her.”
“Once again, a day passed and you accomplished absolutely nothing of value.”

I told my friends I call those voices “the committee.” We all laughed at the image. But then an awkward silence dropped. And in that instant, I realized everyone has “the committee.” Yeah, the committee may not speak the same fears and doubts to you as it does to me. But it speaks.

The committee knows all those expectations we’ve placed on ourselves, all the ways we think we’re failing, all the fears we dare not voice aloud. And so the committee meets and tosses all those half-truths and uncertainties around, making as much noise as possible.

And we begin to believe the committee is correct. We begin to trust the committee. I know, I’ve done it.

But here’s the thing, the committee doesn’t know everything. The committee isn’t always right. In fact, the committee is rarely right.

I love these encouraging words from the apostle Paul,

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. Romans 12:2 ESV

The renewal of our minds. When the weight of expectations and inadequacies and fears and doubts leaves us unable to hear anything but the committee’s noisy clamor, we need some mind renewal! We need more than a committee, we need truth. We need the Word of God.

Grab hold of these words and tell the committee to back off!

Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth. Colossians 3:2 ESV

What does “the committee” say to you?

Cheering you on,
Teri Lynne

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Teri Lynne (20 Posts)

Teri Lynne is a word loving, idea slinging, encourager of rest, focus, and embracing life's seasons. Her priorities include good coffee, excellent books, and lingering conversations. She is the author of Parenting from the Overflow and Prayers from the Pews: The Power of Praying for Your Church and the co-author of Self-Publish: Moving from Idea to Product. Teri Lynne and her worship leading husband live with their growing-up-way-too-fast teenage daughter and their ever pitiful basset hound in North Alabama where she finds time to write in between the car line and rotating laundry.


  1. marymccauley says:

    Yes, listening to the voice of Truth is so important! My committee tells me I am too fat, too old, too stupid, never anything good. Thankfully God reminds me through blogs and friends and HIS WORD that those are lies and I am His beloved, just as I am. There is only one me, and with His help I can do more than I imagine. Thanks for sharing! Love it.

  2. Teri Lynne, what a wonderful take on the voices in our heads. You are such a blessing.

  3. My committee is pretty hard on me. It’s a wonder I get out of bed some mornings…but the committee has much to say about being lazy so I get up. Today I am going to try and leave the boardroom and take a walk and listen for God’s voice. I really want him on my committee!


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