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Making Memories

Making memories… One Back Road at a Time…


As I sit here and ponder what to write for my first post, thoughts of summer keep pushing their way to the forefront. Lemonade, the smell of fresh cut grass, juicy red tomatoes straight from my garden and stifling heat are what I am craving right about now. Instead I am met with freezing temperatures and snow. Thanks a lot Polar Vortex! If I can’t have summer, then I will just have to write about it.

My family and I are creatures of habit which means we tend to do the same thing all of the time. One of our “habits” is to hop in the car after dinner and head to our local ice cream shop. This is our summertime ritual (a mighty tasty ritual, I might add). We then see where the open road takes us.

Living in Amish Country, one will never be without a back road to explore, in fact, our area is quite known for its scenic routes. We love finding a new road we have yet to travel. I get a little giddy if I find a roadside stand or store that I didn’t know about. There is nothing like buying produce straight from the farm or a delicious treat to satisfy my sweet tooth.2013-06-23_1372018762

We have logged countless hours exploring. These hours are the memories I want my children to have. I want them to remember our adventures navigating roads that I am not sure are meant to be roads, our laughs at my attempts to get the perfect picture of a bright red barn, and our excitement when we find the best strawberries in all of Ohio. I want them years from now to ask, “Mom remember that one time when . . .” and hopefully the question is followed with an endearing story about my uncanny ability to get us home before we run out of gas.

We are never asked, “Are we there yet?” because we never know where we are going! To some that may be intimidating. I mean, how many people actually like to get lost on curvy roads that seem to go on forever? I would imagine not many, although the goodies I find are always awesome, so that may change some minds. The being together part is all that really matters. How families choose to spend their time together should be fun. It’s up to you to create memories to last a lifetime, even if that means playing monopoly for hours and hours on end!

I am all too aware that our little road trips might not be as appealing to my children as they grow older. There is usually no cell service out in the hills, which to a teenager means being out of the loop for a few hours, and you just can’t have that! In the meantime, I am determined to make as many trips as we can, eat as much ice cream as possible, and most importantly take the road less traveled . . .

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Michelle Dawn (17 Posts)

Michelle Dawn is a coffee-addicted, donut-loving gal who enjoys all things Amish. When she is not immersing herself in the latest Amish fiction read, you can find her and her awesome hubby with their equally wonderful kiddos eating their way through Ohio’s Amish country. She started Destination Amish with two goals in mind: to share her love of Amish country and spread the word about Amish fiction. Destination Amish has become a popular place for many authors to visit and is known for really fabulous giveaways. Working with the motto Destination Amish…a place where books come to life…Michelle brings the pages of your favorite books to life through pictures and ramblings about consuming vast amounts of Amish pastries.


  1. Love it, Michelle! I was especially moved by “I want them to remember our adventures navigating roads that I am not sure are meant to be roads, our laughs at my attempts to get the perfect picture of a bright red barn, and our excitement when we find the best strawberries in all of Ohio.”

    That’s my favorite type of exploration…driving until I get lost then trying to navigate my way back, discovering new roads, new farm stands and new friends. Keep up the great work and I look forward to many more blogs from you on here.

    Sarah Price

  2. Tina Stubblefield says:

    Love it! Sounds like the best kind of memories to me. Made me want to jump in and go with you!

  3. Lovely post, Michelle! Thank you for reminding me that spring and summer are just around the corner. (okay, it might be a far corner, but it’s there!) When our kids were little we used to take ‘Friday Field Trips’ in the summer. The kids are all grown up now, but they love to remember those meandering drives…and how their dad loved to stop at Every. Single. Historical. Marker. Ha!

  4. I loved this and think making memories is so important. My kids talk about the time we had a water fight in the house. It was expected with their Dad, but not me. So when I got them we really had fun.

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