21 Days of Favorite Family Recipes | Day 8 – The Hot Beverage Bar

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Although I have done some fun Christmas baking with my daughter as she was growing up, I really didn’t do that much. I didn’t like having all the calories around the house! There is something that I do keep on hand that I can easily pull out and put on the table to serve guests when they stop by during the holidays!

I love to make my guests their hot beverage of choice. I usually have several flavors of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate for them to choose from. Then I keep a collection of yummy toppings to decorate their drinks!

Below you will find a list of ingredients that you can have on hand to make serving your guest hot beverages a fun and creative time!

The Hot Beverage Bar






21 Days of Favorite Family Recipes

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Day 3: Sugar Cookies with Lisa Bogart
Day 4: Cheesecake with Carey Bailey
Day 5: Instant Russian Tea with Marty Walden
Day 6: Cranberry Bread with Marie Dittmore
Day 7: Gluten-Free Coffee Cake with Elizabeth Byler Younts


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  1. Love it! Prepping for our yearly PJ party and we always do a hot chocolate bar. 🙂

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