A Kinder Christmas

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My house is inundated with Christmas because of the books arriving. The Christmas Quilt released in October, which is the sequel to A Simple Amish Christmas. And Christmas in Pebble Creek, a free short e-book, released November 1. So yeah — a lot of celebrating.

One of the reasons I enjoy writing Christmas stories is because it is a difficult holiday for many people. Not everyone had the near-perfect childhood that I had. Not everyone has a community of faith they belong to. Not everyone has a family that loves and gathers round. So what can we do to make this a KINDER, more joyful holiday for those around us? Actually the answer might be simpler than you’d expect.

  1. Hand out a Christmas card. You don’t have to mail it. I know that cost is rising on postage. How about just handing out cards to folks you see every week? A box of cards is less than $5 at your local discount store.
  2. Invite someone over for a meal. I’ve been cooking dinners for my family for 25 years, and I still manage to always have too much food. It goes into the refrigerator and hubby might eat it for lunch. If not, it gets tossed. How about inviting someone over for a meal? Doesn’t have to be fancy, and no your house doesn’t have to be clean.
  3. Offer to drive someone to church. Part of the reason people hesitate to go into a church building is it’s intimidating the first time. Think “new school”—remember those butterflies? Offer to pick someone up on your way to church.
  4. Give to someone in need. I know money is tight for most of us, but I have a lot of extra yarn at my house. It only takes time (often while I’m watching t.v.) to make a scarf or a hat or a lap blanket. So make something pretty, and give it to whomever God places on your heart. People are always amazed when you treat them with a special surprise.
  5. Bake a treat—and share it. Sounds old-fashioned. Right? When my kids were younger, we spent a day or two making batches of cookies. Then I sent them out around the neighborhood with deliveries. They were always embarrassed and fussing when they went and smiling when they came home.

I love the Christmas season. It’s a time of joy and grace and fellowship. I pray that for you, it will be a very special holiday.


21 Days of Favorite Family Recipes

Day 1: Sunbonnet Cake with Vannetta Chapman
Day 2: Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Casserole with Amy Clipston
Day 3: Sugar Cookies with Lisa Bogart
Day 4: Cheesecake with Carey Bailey
Day 5: Instant Russian Tea with Marty Walden
Day 6: Cranberry Bread with Marie Dittmore
Day 7: Gluten-Free Coffee Cake with Elizabeth Byler Younts
Day 8: Hot Drink Bar by Gina Smith
Day 9: Turkey Stew with Amy Lillard
Day 10: Chicomando with Christy Fitzwater
Day 11: Grandma’s Apple Pie with Leslie Gould
Day 12: Chess Pie with Angela Correll
Day 13: Molasses Sugar Cookies with Melissa K. Norris
Day 14: Eatmore Bars with Valerie Comer
Day 15: Spiced Pecans with Lisa Bogart
Day 16: White Chicken Chili with Caitlin Wilson
Day 17: Mema’s Fudge Teri Lynne Underwood
Day 18: Chocolate Espresso Chews with Amy Lively

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