The Heart of a Two Year Old


We all have bad days. You know, those times when God gives you a beautiful day and you don’t do a very good job responding to life during the day He gives you. I had one of them recently. If you had been peaking in my window, you would not have been impressed. My kids were responding sinfully, and I was responding sinfully, to their sinful response!

I find that when I respond poorly, even if they are being sinful, it makes things ten times worse!

On that particular day I was exhausted and discouraged by 4:00 PM, and I was ready to pack my bags and go to the Bahamas! But . . . we were expecting company and you can’t just fly to the Bahamas when you are expecting company. That would be rude.

I called my husband and asked, “Can you please come home a little early and help me get ready for company? I am having a terrible day, and I just don’t know how I am going to serve our company . . . and can I please go to the Bahamas?”

He said he’d come home right away.

Our company arrived. They are a family of five, including a 2 year old, 3 year old, and 7 year old. All three children are girls and are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE. Let’s just say there was a lot of giggling going on! God was very gracious and enabled us to enjoy this family in spite of the day I’d had.

I enjoyed all three girls, but there is just something about a two year old. You never really have to wonder how they are feeling about anything! I spent much of the night laughing at this little girl as she said, “NO! MY BELLY BUTTON!” “NO! MY CHEERIOS!” “NO! MY HAIR!” “NO!”

She was such a crack up!

Our company left, and we headed to bed. As I was thinking about the day and how I had responded, I began to feel discouraged again. Then I was reminded of that two year old. The reality is, I have the heart of a two year old! There is a sinful, selfish pull that we all have. If it is not controlled by the Holy Spirit, then it shows in how we respond to life. I may not be yelling “NO! MY BELLY BUTTON!” But I can respond in other self-centered ways (I’M GOING TO THE BAHAMAS!) when I am bugged or when my kids don’t respond correctly.

Why do I get discouraged? Is it because I am surprised that I have this in my heart? Am I surprised that I’m sinful, or that my children are sinful? I guess I’m not surprised, but days like these make it all the more evident!

I am, again, humbled and reminded of what I am capable of. I am thankful that, “His mercies are new every morning!” (Lamentations 3:22-23)—I can start fresh each day.

. . . and I no longer want to go to Bahamas!

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