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Traveling Down Memory Lane | Not Quite Amish

Traveling Down Memory Lane


Mom and I are at it again. We’ve been traveling together. Last month I told you about our adventures to Norway. (You can read that post here.) This month we are traveling down memory lane. I flew home Colorado Springs to help my mom go through some more of her closets. This is my third trip home to help mom sort through and clean out. It’s more fun to do this while Mom is around than sifting through her things after she is gone. We have played “Remember when. . .” with all kinds of treasures we’ve found. This trip we found the projector and hundreds of family slides. I spent a day going through all of them and sorting the many piles:

  • Mom and Dad’s trip to San Francisco
  • Great grandma’s farm in Osseo, Wisconsin
  • The first family home in Des Plains, Illinois
  • Years of birthdays, Christmases, Halloweens, and Easters
  • Backyard pool shots and snowmen standing in front yards
  • My parents looking so young
  • My poor brother wearing a tie for nearly every occasion
  • Me in my pretty little patent leather shoes
  • The arrival of my baby sister

We laughed over our fashions. And we marveled over how small, how thin, how young, and how long ago it all was. We jogged our memories to figure out: Who is that in the photo? Where was that vacation taken? What year did we do that? It was great fun.


Happily there was another part to this trip down memory lane . . . mom and I took the train back to my house in California. When I was little my dad worked for the railroad, so we traveled by train all the time. (You can read about my slow travels in this post from earlier this year.) I especially remember going to my grandparents’ house by train every Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. I thought it would be fun for mom to accompany me home on the train.


On Thursday we boarded the California Zephyr in Denver and settled into our sleeper car. Then we chugged along down memory track. Mom’s face was glued to the window soaking up all the scenery: the beautiful Rocky Mountains and then the California Sierras. I loved sitting in the observation car with her. I knit along on my latest project. We ate in the dining car and fell asleep to the rhythm on the rails for our overnight. Friday afternoon we arrived in Emeryville, all smiles. It was fun to relive a piece of our family history, not just with slides but with a real adventure on the train.


Is there a trip your family took annually? Is train travel part of your growing up?

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