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Meet the Model for Hannah Glick | Not Quite Amish

Meet the Model for Hannah Glick


This month I’m interviewing Hannah Glick from my book A Hopeful Heart. Actually, I’m not interviewing Hannah, but instead I’m interviewing the beautiful model who posed as Hannah on the cover. Her name is Ashley, and I’m thrilled to have her visit Not Quite Amish!

Hi, Ashley! Welcome to Not Quite Amish! What would you like to tell readers about yourself?
I am a mother of two, wife, photographer, writer, doula artist (primarily needle felting and encaustic wax art), and co-founder and creative director for The Pillid, and I occasionally do some modeling. We recently moved into a community that prizes art, creativity, taking care of our planet, and healthy eating. We feel completely at home here. I love being silly, watching comedies, dancing, cooking, and reading. I am a total introvert but am very outgoing and social (with small groups of people). I love being a photographer and have had my own business since 2002 with my business partner, Angie. I always tell people I get paid to stare at people, which works great for me because I have a staring problem. : ) I’m beyond blessed to have two amazing children who literally make my heart ache with love when I look at them. I still can’t believe they are mine.

What type of photos and events have you done in the past?
In the last few years I have worked as a model in sales meetings, fittings, the Amazon Kindle campaign, and A Hopeful Heart book cover.

Do your friends and family members recognize you when they see you in an advertisement?
Well, most of the work I get hired for is unrecognizable. I like it when my face isn’t in the picture because it’s so much less pressure. The Kindle campaign shoot was three days long, complete with hair extensions, full make-up —guess what—they used a picture of my butt. I was a little bummed (no pun intended), but that’s how it goes sometimes. My friends LOVE my Amish book cover. It’s everyone’s favorite.

How do you obtain modeling jobs? Do you have an agent or manager?
I am signed with SMG and recommend them to anyone who is interested in modeling in the Seattle area. They find all the castings and bookings for me and get a percentage of what I make. It’s a pretty sweet gig, if I do say so myself.

Is A Hopeful Heart your first book cover? If not, what on which other covers have you been featured?
Yes, A Hopeful Heart was my first book cover, and I loved the experience. I recently photographed the garden book Fine Foliage. My photograph was on the cover, as well as imagery throughout. I’m hoping that my next book is one I have written and photographed. I’m currently working on finding a publisher for my coffee table art book on the number five. I know it sounds so random, but there is a really cool story behind it. : )

What happens during a photo shoot?
This is a tough question because it varies so much from shoot to shoot. Sometimes I’m told to come with a clean face and hair (meaning no make-up and hair washed but un-styled), and sometimes I have work where I do both. The clothing is always supplied because that’s what I’m usually selling. I don’t have any input on anything I wear or how I look. Whether I like it or not, I have to sell the “look” they give me. I have been so lucky to work with incredible stylists and hair/make-up artists, so that hasn’t been too hard.

What color were your dress and apron when you took the photo for A Hopeful Heart? Where were you standing? How many poses did you do for that photo shoot?
The clothing was exactly as you see it on the cover. The shoot began with having hair and make-up done in the studio. I then got dressed and stood on a green screen-style backdrop. There was an assistant to the photographer who maneuvered the fans to give the look of wind. I posed in various positions and held many poses for great lengths at a time to get the wind just right or to adjust the lighting. My legs were sore the next day from pretend walking (me frozen in stride while fans/lighting are adjusted). The hardest part about modeling is relaxing your face, hands, and shoulders while you are completely flexing all your muscles to hold a post for sometimes long periods of time. I dare you to try this some time. It’s much harder than it looks. Brandon Hill, the very talented photographer, did all the magic you see on the cover. He combined what he shot with the beautiful art background and incorporated two different wind shots to symbolize Hannah being pulled in two different directions. I love the subtle yet meaningful quality this adds to the cover.

How did you feel the first time you saw your photo in an advertisement? How did you feel when you saw the cover of A Hopeful Heart?
It’s surreal to see yourself in an ad or on a book cover. I just feel so lucky to have such incredible experiences, yet I feel as though I’m looking at someone else. As much as I know that it is “me,” it never really feels like me because so much postproduction goes into the final product. Nobody actually looks like the images you see in magazines, book covers, etc., so rest assured that nobody is perfect. Not even close. It’s all smoke and mirrors. : )

Thank you, Ashley, for visiting Not Quite Amish! And thank you for being the beautiful face of Hannah Glick in A Hopeful Heart.

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  1. I found this very interesting. Didn’t realize you have to stand in one place for so long. I can see why it might be hard to look relaxed. I love this cover tho. Very pretty. Would love to have the book.

  2. I would like to read A Hopeful Heart. Very interesting interview. Thank you for giving us a view of the background of a cover shot. Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House

  3. Interesting!

    My favorite book covers do not include direct face shots because I want to imagine the character!

  4. Superb interview and thanks for the shout-out Ashley. This was such a fun and stress-free shoot and Ashley was super professional. I had a great time photographing her for this, and her and her daughter for this Gloria Furman book – http://www.amazon.com/Treasuring-Christ-When-Your-Hands/dp/1433538881


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