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Ask the Amish with Linda Byler | Not Quite Amish

Ask the Amish with Linda Byler


Each month, we’re featuring reader questions about the Amish and having Linda Byler, who grew up Amish and now writes fiction, answer them. Read more about Linda below. Have a question for Linda? Ask it either in the comment section below or via our social media!

I love your cookbook Lizzie’s Amish Cookbook. Of all your recipes, which ones are your favorite and why?

My all-time favorite recipe is the three-layered nut cake. My mom would make it perfectly in three layers, spread it thickly with caramel icing, and then cover the top with ground walnuts. Delicious!

What do you see as the main differences between the Amish lifestyle and the typical American lifestyle? What are the advantages and disadvantages to living within the Amish community?

I think the biggest difference is the pace, and the rules, called ordnung. We live slower, family-oriented lives, beneath our ordnung.

Some things we simply cannot have, but we accept that because we’re infusing our life with boundaries. These boundaries are an advantage for our human nature, which often chafes at authority.

To live a life dedicated to Jesus Christ is easier if we deny many worldly pleasures. The inconveniences are many if you count cars, electricity, computers—the list can seem endless—but since we aren’t accustomed to these things, we can’t imagine life with them in it, so the disadvantages are really few.

Can you tell us a little about your faith and how you apply it to life, in both big ways and small?

My faith is rooted and grounded in Jesus Christ, who died to save me from my sins. To apply this to life is to love everyone with a pure love, to forgive, to be thankful every morning, to go through my days knowing there is a higher power in control. Makes me sound angelic doesn’t it? But believe me, I have all the same worries and struggles that you do!

Bestselling author Linda Byler grew up Amish and is active in the Amish Church today. Her work includes the popular trilogy Lizzie Searches for Lovean annual Christmas novel, and her latest series, Lancaster Burning.

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  1. Diana Pierce says:

    For author Linda Byler: I know that you are a scribe for the Budget. What town or settlement do you write for? I subscribe to the national Budget and would love to read your section.

  2. For Linda Byler,
    I loved the start of the Dakota Series. How many books will there be in that series and I can’t wait til November to read the 2nd one!! I love your writing!

  3. Kathy Swisher says:

    For Linda Byler,
    I loved the start of the Dakota Series. How many books will there be in that series and I can’t wait til November to read the 2nd one!! I love your writing!

  4. Just picked up and started reading “The Christmas Visitor”. I am dismayed to read so many brand name products like, Tide, Corelle, Rubbermaid. WHAT is that about? Do you get compensated for mentioning brand name products? We are inundated by commercial ads daily and was not expecting to find ads in a book bought for pleasurable reading. NO thanks. I’m done and it will go in the trash.

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