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How to Wear a Cargo Jacket | Not Quite Amish

How to Wear a Cargo Jacket



Now that it feel like fall is officially here (at least in most of the U.S.), women everywhere are beginning to build their fall wardrobes. It’s hard to balance trends versus classics, save versus splurge, and it’s all too easy to go over budget. I could give you the full list of everything you should have in your closet for this fall, but instead I’m going to share with you the one item you absolutely need to have: a cargo jacket.

I bought my cargo jacket more than two years ago at Loft on clearance. It was mid-summer, and all their spring stuff was on major sale, so I snagged this jacket for $15. It’s without a doubt the best clothing purchase I’ve made in terms of cost-per-wear. I wear it on a weekly basis and find it works in all seasons.

Above you’ll see just a few of the ways I’ve worn it. It’s great for casual days when I’m running errands or when I need something to throw on in the freezing air conditioning. I’ve also paired it with a pencil skirt for work and “dressed it up” slightly.

So, what should you look for in a cargo jacket of your own?

  • Color: Stick to neutrals like olive green (yes, it’s a neutral) or khaki. Neutrals go with everything, and if you find you’d rather stay on the “safe” side, khaki is the way to go (just watch that it doesn’t wash you out).
  • Fit: Look for something that’s flattering and cinches at the waist. A cargo jacket is definitely a more masculine piece, so you’ll want to emphasize your curves.
  • Pockets: Keep in mind the placement of the pockets. If the pockets don’t lay flat or if they’re too bulky, you’ll want to keep searching.

Now the big question: Where can you find a cargo jacket of your own?

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