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Ask the Amish with Linda Byler | Not Quite Amish

Ask the Amish with Linda Byler


Each month, we’re featuring reader questions about the Amish and having Linda Byler, who grew up Amish and now writes fiction, answer them. Read more about Linda below. Have a question for Linda? Ask it either in the comment section below or via our social media!

How prevalent is Pennsylvania Dutch in modern Amish communities? Do you know why it was never formalized as a written language?

Pennsylvania Dutch is our usual language, our everyday dialect, the one that comes easiest for all of us. Probably, but I’m guessing here, it was never written because it’s so fluid. It is derived from German, but we mix it with English. So the language is constantly changing, although it seems that the mispronunciations of many of the German words and the English words have been handed down for hundreds of years!

What’s your advice to faith-filled homemakers?

Be content, love your husband—at least most of the time—and do one thing every day that you don’t want to do. Mark Twain says that is essential to getting along in life. And always, at the end of the day, be thankful.

Could you share some of your favorite prayers? Do you have specific prayers for your children, your family, your health, etc.?

We are taught to pray individually in secret. Only God knows our innermost thoughts. We have little German prayers that we teach our children, and a Gebut Buch (Prayer Book) in German that we use when we’re gathered together for worship.

Bestselling author Linda Byler grew up Amish and is active in the Amish Church today. Her work includes the popular trilogy Lizzie Searches for Lovean annual Christmas novel, and her latest series, Lancaster Burning.

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