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Nearly September, back to school! I love this time of year. School supplies are on sale. There are new shoes, new clothes, new lunchboxes and the feeling of beginning and fresh starts. I am a little sidelined though. My son is a junior in college this fall. He is getting his own school supplies, managing his own schedule, and figuring out his own wardrobe and laundry. He doesn’t need a new Superman lunchbox. But I can’t really sit back and let the school year begin unheralded. So I do what any knitting mom would do: I make socks.

My California boy goes to school in Boston so he needs some warm woolies for the coming winter. It’s become my tradition to make him some new socks for each new school year. He loves them.

Knitting socks takes longer than popping into the store and picking up a pack of sweat socks. I have time to think about the coming school year while I stitch. When knitters work on prayer shawls or craft chemo caps for cancer patients there is love and prayer in every stitch. I do the same for my son as I make his socks. I think of him walking to class or tapping his foot in concert band. I think of him with his feet up studying or his feet under the table as he grabs a quick dinner. I pray for his health. I pray for his friendships, studies, and adventures. All kinds of prayers come to mind as I stitch.

Though I am not involved in the day-to-day of my son’s life anymore being his mom lasts a lifetime. Parents are never really off-duty. I know my mom still is the best prayer warrior I have in my life. Whenever I have a need or concern that frazzles me, I know I can share it with my mom and she’ll hit her knees for me.

So as I watch my son board the plane this week and take off for a new school year, I know that tucked in his suitcase is a new pair of socks stitched with love. They will keep him warm, and they will also keep him covered in prayer.

How do you begin the school year? Maybe this year prayer can be a part of your launch into the new season.

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  1. I always make a little bit more special breakfast on the first day of school! Since we homeschool, we have other special days throughout the year….but it is always fun!

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