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A Big Year for Lily is book three in the beloved Adventures of Lily Lapp series from authors Suzanne Woods Fisher and Mary Ann Kinsinger! In the newest installment, Lily’s family has settled into their new home in Pennsylvania, but life still holds big changes and big steps for Lily. Surprises are in store for Lily as she learns, with Mama and Papa’s help, to manage the ups and downs of growing up Amish.

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PrintMama’s sister had given her a beautiful recipe book as a thank you for taking care of their children while she had traveled to a wedding. Ever so carefully, Lily paged through the new cookbook, savoring the pictures that illustrated each recipe. Her mouth watered at the delicious creations.

Lily heard Papa’s table saw in the workshop come to a stop and realized it was already lunchtime. Lily put the cookbook down and hurried to set the table. By the time she finished, she noticed that Mama had set the cookbook in a stand on the counter. This was no ordinary cookbook. It was given a special spot in the kitchen.

During lunch, Papa said that neighbors were having a yard sale today. He glanced at Mama. “I can hitch Jim to the buggy and take you if you’d like to go.”

Lily sat up straight. That sounded like fun! She loved yard sales. She gobbled a bite of creamed spinach and swallowed before she could even taste it. It was the best way to eat creamed spinach: fast and furious, before the slimy feeling reached the roof of her mouth.

“The children can stay at home and do the dishes,” Papa said. “We won’t be gone long.”

Dishes! How awful. Lily ate more slowly, despite how disgusting creamed spinach was. There was no reason to hurry.

As soon as lunch was over, Papa went to the barn to hitch Jim to the buggy while Mama put on her bonnet and washed baby Paul’s face. Lily sighed. What a sad turn of events. A baby got to go to a yard sale and she had to stay home and wash dishes.

Lily stood by the kitchen window and watched the buggy head down the driveway. She sighed again, then turned to clear off the table. Papa had firmly told Joseph and Dannie to help Lily with the dishes and not ooze away like barn cats. Joseph picked up a glass of water, looked at it, looked at Lily, picked up a spoon, smiled…and flicked water from the glass at her.

Lily was shocked! Then…she grinned. The summer day was hot and the water felt cool. But she couldn’t let Joseph get away with it. She was the oldest, for goodness sake.

Lily picked up a glass of water and a spoon and flicked water back at Joseph. Dannie, never wanting to be left out, joined into the water fight. No fair! Two boys against one girl. Lily lifted a glass of water. “If either of you splash me again I’m going to dump this whole glass full of water on you.”

Naturally, they didn’t listen to her. They weren’t even fazed by her threat. They splashed more water at her until she hurled a full glass of water at them, swinging her arm in a large arc to cover them both.

But at the last second, those brothers darted away. Most of the water landed on Mama’s new cookbook!

Oh no. Lily’s jaw dropped and her stomach clenched. Mama’s cookbook was soaking wet! Lily blotted the pages dry with a towel but the damage was done. The wrinkled pages were stuck together. Even Joseph and Dannie were silent, knowing they were all in trouble. They set to work and washed the dishes in record time.

By the time Papa and Mama returned from the yard sale, the only trace of a water fight was the soggy cookbook. Lily dreaded the thought of telling Mama what had happened.

Mama walked into the kitchen, smiling behind a big bag of used books, and was delighted to see the room so sparkling clean. “Even the floor looks washed,” she said, putting the bag down. Then her eyes caught sight of the soggy cookbook and her smile vanished.

“I can explain!” Lily said. She told her the sad tale of fun-that-went-too-far. These kinds of things seemed to happen to Lily a lot.

A sad look covered Mama’s face. “I thought you were all old enough to behave yourselves while we were gone for a few minutes. Apparently not. Instead of giving you the rest of the afternoon to read, I’m going to put these books away for a while.”

Lily’s heart sank. She wanted to sit in the living room and page through all those books—they looked so interesting. But she knew there was no point to try to get Mama to change her mind. Mama wanted Lily and the boys to feel a consequence for ruining her beloved cookbook. She could hear Mama’s voice echo in her head, “Think, Lily. Think before you act.”

Lily sighed. That was the problem, right there. Acting before thinking came so naturally.


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