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How to Help Your Kids Keep Their Cool | Not Quite Amish

How to Help Your Kids Keep Their Cool

Having a hot summer out where you are? Here, too! <click to tweet> I saw this crazy cool (pun intended) idea on Pinterest and figured I’d have to give it a try when my granddaughters visited. Our prime opportunity came when we celebrated the youngest one’s first birthday. Here she is checking out the water bag.


The concept is very simple. All you need are two plastic drop cloths, a roll of duct tape, and a hose hooked up to your water system.

We used medium-weight drop cloths. I’d advise heavier now that we’ve done it once. Maybe even have a look at vapor barrier. Once we had both plastic sheets unfolded and layered on top of each other (a two-person job), we bound the edges with duct tape (also a two-person job) leaving a few inches for the hose. We inserted the hose and began to fill it up, stopping when the whole “bag” had 3-4 inches in it. A few leaks sprang up. We just duct-taped over them.


It took longer to do all this than we thought it would, so I’m glad we started early. By the time the bag was full and the final few inches taped off, the kids were anxious to play on it. I did poke a bunch of holes (maybe 30?) with a toothpick as advised on Pinterest, to even out the pressure.

Then off they went! Crawling, toddling, running, rolling, jumping. The bigger kids did pop a few holes that we duct-taped at first. What a fun way to keep cool! Here my older two granddaughters are checking out the water bag.


What methods do you use to help keep your kids cool on hot summer days? Let’s share some ideas we can all use!

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Valerie Comer (21 Posts)

Valerie Comer is a fiction author and a blogger where food meets faith. She and her husband of over 30 years farm, garden, and keep bees on a small farm in Western Canada, where they grow much of their own food, preserving vast amounts of it by canning, freezing, and dehydrating. She believes taking good care of both the planet and her family is an act of worship and thankfulness to God the Creator. Valerie writes farm fresh romance such as Raspberries and Vinegar (Choose NOW Publishing—August 2013) as a natural offshoot of her passions.


  1. This is such a great idea, Valerie! I love the photos of your grandkids, too; so cute!

  2. I love this idea! i’m going to have to try it!

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