An Amish Hymn

This is a hymn from Anabaptist Martyr Annelein of Freiburg who was drowned and burned in 1529 for her faith in God. Her words inspire me! What line stands out to you?


Everlasting Father in heaven,
I call on you so ardently,
Do not let me turn from you.
Keep me in your truth
Until my final end.

O God, guard my heart and mouth,
Lord watch over me at all times,
Let nothing separate me from you,
Be it affliction, anxiety, or need,
Keep me pure in joy.

My everlasting Lord and Father,
Show and teach me,
Poor unworthy child that I am,
That I heed your path and way.
In this lies my desire.

To walk through your power into death,
Through sorrow, torture, fear and want.
Sustain me in this,
O God, so that I nevermore
Be separated from your love.

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  1. The Anabaptist hymns of the past are very inspiring. I had started a project years ago of rewriting some of the Martyr’s Mirror stories for young people, and some of the stories and songs are so full of faith and hope, in the face of death.

    • Tricia Goyer says:

      They are! I didn’t know about that project. I want to know more! I learned a lot while writing One Year of Amish Peace, which comes out in October!

      • I started it years ago, before I even had a computer. This has inspired me to work on them again. One of my favorite hymns, because of it’s beauty was A Sad and doleful Care by Menno Simons. I think it showed me that even when they were strong in facing death, they did have moments of depression as well.

  2. Tricia, I just started following you on Twitter — thanks for introducing me to this hymn. The line “keep me pure in joy” in the second stanza stood out to me the most. It’s packed with meaning and I think I can think about it all day!

    I would love it if you linked up with me at Lyrical Tuesdays at — a place where bloggers can share their favorite hymn texts and Christian song lyrics and what the words mean to them.

    Thanks again. Enjoy your blessed week!

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