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Here on Not Quite Amish, seemingly surrounded by workers of the land, I have an admission to make: I have two brown thumbs. I am not a gardener, farmer, or tender of any plants. It is not my gift. I admire those who can grow flowers and vegetables. In fact I support them whole-heartedly!

Here in Marin County, California, where I live, you can go to a farmers’ market any day of the week year round. Most Thursdays and Sundays I wander through the stalls and make fresh selections for the week. First I stop by the Greek food truck vendor to get a minted lemonade so I can sip as I stroll. I love the smell of basil when I pass the greens guy. I usually stop by the mushroom lady to get a portobello to take home for lunch. Most weeks I stop by the apple lady to get a few fujis. But I’m really waiting till she switches to being the corn lady. Fresh corn on the cob is my favorite summer time flavor. This week at the market cherries appeared! It seems early, but what do I know, I’m not a farmer. I scooped up a basket. I should have bought two, the cherries didn’t make it home with me. I ate them all in the car. See, I appreciate what farmers do, growing my favorite flavors and providing a bounty of fresh healthy produce.



But I’ll admit one more thing: I love Thursdays best. That’s when the chicken guy comes to the market. I get the whole evening meal: roast chicken, asparagus, and strawberries for dessert. Yum!

Do you get to shop at a local farmers’ market? Do you have a favorite vendor or flavor?

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Lisa Bogart. Lisa is a movie-loving, book-reading, sweater-knitting, cookie-baking, world-traveling woman. She is also the author of Knit With Love, Stories to Warm a Knitters Heart. She won the Guideposts Writers Workshop in 2010. These days Lisa works part time at Piedmont Yarn in Oakland, CA. And she loves nothing better than writing all morning, knitting all afternoon, and watching a movie with hubby in the evening. You can find Lisa online at LisaBogart.com.


  1. Our farmers market here in Omaha just opened and I went for the first time last Saturday!

  2. I love the farmer’s market more for the feeling of community as everyone slowly wanders around. You’ve made my mouth water for fresh fruit!

    • Good point about the community! I was so focused on the cherries last week. teehee. Sundays there are lots of families that come to the market and there is music as well. Thursdays there are lots of little kids at the market since the pony rides are on that day. My son used to have a frequent rider card!

  3. Our farmer’s market doesn’t open until June 1 and I’m looking forward to it. I like to garden, but I can’t grow everything I’d like to serve at the dinner table, so the farmer’s market it a wonderful way to obtain fresh produce. Of course, here in Wisconsin you’re just as likely to find some good cheese or honey too! I’m sure California is like that as well. 🙂

    • Ooo Wisconsin cheese! I’m jealous! But yup here in California there are many offerings besides produce at the farmers’ market. Several bakeries come as well as chocolate vendors, ice cream and dairy farmers. And there are lovely flower booths too. It’s great to hear of so many farmers’ markets across the country. Really helps those of us with brown thumbs to eat well!

  4. Oh it all looks so good. I am also waiting not so patiently for the corn on the cob. What is here now is slim pickins.
    blessings, jill

  5. I love farmer’s market days! Fresh veggies and fruit, samples of homemade salsa and jam, fresh loaves of bread and cookies, kettle corn, live music, the best cornbread in the world…. all available at the market, starting May 22. Can’t wait!

    • Not long to wait now. You’ve describe the market I attend to a T! Okay we’re missing the cornbread but I make up for it with the most amazing sausage sandwich! Have a delicious day on the 22nd!

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