The Conductor

It was a Sunday. And it was a Sunday I had taken off from my work as a Children’s Director, which made it an extra special day because I got to go to church with my family. The kids asked if we got to ride in the same car together, and I said, “Yes!” They were so excited. I never even knew they noticed we went separately. It made me realize they value the little things. It made me a tinge sad.

I arrived, and the music began to play. It took me a bit before I allowed myself to sink in. I had to remember I didn’t have a radio strapped to me, and there was no ear piece that might scream “code Adam” at me. I was allowed to let go, but I had to give myself permission.

I close my eyes and hear the people singing, “There is only one word to describe . . . ,” and my eyes are flooded with this:


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Carey Bailey (29 Posts)

Carey Bailey‘s husband describes her as a woman who loves to dance around the living room in her pj’s, loves Blue Bell Pralines and Cream ice cream, loves her kids, and loves Jesus! This fun-loving mother of two also has a passion for helping fellow women discover ways to create a powerful relationship with Christ. She is the author of Cravings, an innovative 40 day devotional for busy moms that allows them to draw closer to the Lord in the midst of busyness. And the bonus is that is comes with a zero calorie cupcake.


  1. I love this, Carey! And what a nice Sunday to get to spend with your family.

  2. I love this graphic! Would you grant permission for me to enlarge it for my music classroom? Could you email me a full resolution image?

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