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Where do you spend most of your evenings? Sitting at your kids’ soccer practice? Going through the drive-through because your day was too busy to cook? I’ve found myself at both of those places before.

Where do you think an Amish family finds themselves? Around the dinner table—a table filled with all types of good foods, and everyone happy to be together after a long day full of work and caring for each other and those in their community.

Growing up our family ate our meals in front of the television. We ate off of TV trays, and because my dad held the remote we usually watched something like NFL or The Cosby Show. When I had my own kids I made a few rules. First, that we would have meals around the dining room table most nights. Second, no television. Third, I wanted to use that time to share about God, Who He is, and what He was doing in our lives. In my twenty-three years of being a mom, it’s one of my greatest accomplishments!

Dinner devotions don’t have to be complicated. Just last night, as we sat around the table I told our five-year-old about the ten lepers whom Jesus healed. Her eyes were wide as I told her about the men with sores all over their bodies.

“What do you think Jesus did when he saw them?” I asked.

“He helped them!” she exclaimed.

“Yes, he helped them by making all their sores better. But you know what? Only one man returned to thank Jesus.”

We talked then about having a thankful heart. She was so moved that just a few minutes later I overheard her thanking her great grandmother for helping with the dished and thanking her dad for taking care of our family.

Sharing God around the dinner table doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact I wrote a resource that can help you with that!

mealtime-devotionsWhit’s End Mealtime Devotions

A mealtime devotional written by John Avery Whittaker (with a little help from his friends Crystal Bowman and Tricia Goyer)

Your family’s gathered around the table. What’s on the menu? Cold stares? Stale prayers? The same old leftover questions about “what happened at school today”? Next time you sit down to eat, enjoy some spiritual food too! Get everyone talking—and learning—with the nourishment of Whit’s End Mealtime Devotions! Encourage quality family time and pass on a strong spiritual heritage with these 164 devotions created to engage children in fun, lively, productive dialogue.

How about you? What type of dinner routine did you have growing up? How do you think meal times and dinner devotions can impact a family? Enter to win a copy of Whit’s End Mealtime Devotions below! Only those in the U.S. are eligible to win.

Oh, and I’m hosting a 12-day giveaway and an author chat party in celebration of the release of Whit’s End Mealtime Devotions. Click here for details about the 12-day giveaway, and click here for details about the author chat party.

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  1. Patsy H. says:

    We loved having supper at the table with the kids. Something about sitting at a table lets you talk about your day and what’s going on in your life. It’s a time of sharing. Now days a lot of people eat in front of the TV and don’t even talk because they are busy looking at the TV. This book would be great, however I don’t do facebook or twitter. (Can’t get the courage I guess!)

  2. Jennifer C. says:

    Perfect timing! My husband deployed a couple weeks ago for one year. My daughter and I tend to veg around the TV at dinner time when he’s gone. Thank you!

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