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Home is Where the Heart Is | Not Quite Amish

Home is Where the Heart Is

AmishhouseThe word “home” has to be one of the most beautiful words there is, in any language. In Pennsylvania Dutch, it’s haymet.

Last Sunday our three oldest children, all in college, were home—along with our youngest, who is in high school and still lives at home, of course.

I feel such peace when we’re all together, especially in our home.

We moved into our house twenty-four years ago, when we only had one child. Our next two children were born in our home. We brought our youngest home when she was three, adopted from Vietnam. We’ve lived daily life together, struggled together, celebrated together, grieved together, and hosted our extended family and community through the years, creating countless memories together.

I was thinking about our home and all it means to me this week when I came across John 14:23: “Jesus replied, ‘Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them.’” (NIV)

The verse reminded me that as much as I cherish the years we’ve been in our house, my true home is with Christ, both here on earth and in heaven.

Heaven. Now that’s another beautiful word. In Pennsylvania Dutch, it’s himmel.

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Leslie Gould (33 Posts)

Leslie Gould is the award-winning author of fifteen novels, including the #1 bestseller and Christy Award winner "The Amish Midwife", co-written with Mindy Starns Clark. Her latest release is "Adoring Addie", a retelling of the “Romeo and Juliet,” the second in The Courtships of Lancaster County series. Leslie, her husband, Peter, and their four children live in Portland, Oregon. Visit her at www.lesliegould.com. Leslie received her master of fine arts in creative writing from Portland State University in 2009 and has taught fiction as an adjunct professor at Multnomah University. She, her husband, Peter, and their four children live in Portland, Oregon. Visit her at www.lesliegould.com.


  1. Your thoughts are so good!!! I always lived far away from my home after I got married and now my children live far away, so I miss those times. And I love the picture of the house – is that photoshopped or anything? Would love to use that in our ATA group!!!!!!
    Bless you Leslie!!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you, Dianna, for everything! Please use the photo. Yes, I played with it a little when I added the quotation. 🙂

  3. Beautiful! Thank you Leslie!

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