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One of the things I love about Amish books is the FOOD! Maybe it’s just me, but I love reading about the casseroles, fresh veggies, and desserts. I enjoy the image of a family sitting around a table.

Have you noticed that in the Bible, folks are always reclining at tables?

“When one of the Pharisees invited Jesus to have dinner with him, he went to the Pharisee’s house and reclined at the table.” Luke 7:36.

Now I understand those were different customs, but still there is the image of relaxing, of spending time together, and of a more relaxed evening. Sounds simple enough, but it’s hard to do. There’s work, school, athletic schedules, and a dozen other things to juggle. Eating is often pushed off, held at bay until the last minute, solved by driving through a local burger place.

What’s a mom to do?

We can start to change. We can plan dinner into our schedule versus reacting to those hunger pains. We can place a yummy dish into the crock-pot before we leave for work. And we can start a garden containing herbs and a few vegetables—we can even start planning it now.

Amish stories appeal to us for many reasons. I like to think they can be a force for good and a path to a better, healthier lifestyle.

If you have a link or a recipe you’d like to share below, feel free to do so below.


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Vannetta Chapman (29 Posts)

Vannetta Chapman writes inspirational fiction full of grace. She has published over one hundred articles in Christian family magazines, receiving more than two dozen awards from Romance Writers of America chapter groups. She discovered her love for the Amish while researching her grandfather’s birthplace of Albion, Pennsylvania. Her first novel, A Simple Amish Christmas, quickly became a bestseller. She now writes Amish fiction for Abingdon Press, Zondervan, and Harvest House. Chapman lives in the Texas hill country with her husband.


  1. Eating really is a last-minute thought in our culture, isn’t it? After reading this, I’m determined to make more time for fellowship through food. 🙂 Thanks, Vannetta!

  2. Sometimes simple is SO much better. I came home from my first trip to Lancaster this past summer with a recipe for Baked Oatmeal! It is delicious!!! The owner of the B&B we stayed at made it with apples and cinnamon but you can use almost any type of fruit on the bottom. My favorite is Blueberry 🙂 I also enjoy making blueberry muffins, which I posted the recipe for here:

  3. This year I asked my husband for six cooking lessons for Christmas. I checked the prices at cooking schools etc, so I was doubly pleased when he agreed to be my teacher. He (husband) was a European Master chef before it was a TV program. So far, two lessons….and this winter I have been making bread! Not only delicious, cheaper and fun to do…it is great therapy for any post-Christmas stress!

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