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Simple Gatherings | Not Quite Amish

Simple Gatherings

I must have pinned fifty items on my Pinterest boards of things I wanted to do for holiday gatherings. Decorations, crafts, special foods, but as the holidays are upon us I realized the best way I could beautify my home was to fill it with tasty food and beautiful people.

What’s the key to a simple gathering?

1. Good friends. We invited three families over for a total of nine kids under eleven years old! Good friends are the ones whom you laugh with and enjoy just being together. They are the ones you don’t feel you have to “perform” for. You simply have to be yourself.

2. Good food. I’m a comfort-food type of person. Mashed potatoes, pies, soft rolls, casseroles. Foo-foo food looks nice, and there are some delicious dishes out there, but I haven’t had anyone complain when I’ve offered up familiar family favorites.

3. Comfy clothes. (Do you recognize a theme here?) I’m not a heels and pearls type of girl. I love relaxing (yet also looking cute, too!). That’s why I love SNUG Camisoles. They allow me to look great, stay modest, and be comfortable, too!

Here is a photo of me in my long-sleeved scooped neck shirt. It’s great to wear under a sweater or vest, but nice enough to wear alone with a scarf. The comfy, snug design gives me a great shape and it doesn’t ride up, showing my stomach. (I love this because I have a long torso, and most shirts tend to show the skin around my waist—not comfortable or modest! Snug keeps everything in place.)

My college-aged daughter is wearing the cap sleeve tee. So cute!

And because the snug shirts and camisoles come in “one size fits most,” these shirts are ones we can share.

4. Heart-full conversation. The best part of simple gathers are the conversation where we share our lives our hearts. After dinner, as the children played, we chatted with friends about where our lives have taken us and how God awed us along the way. That’s the best part of being together—not being comfortable for comfort’s sake—but to allow friends to share parts of themselves without pretense.

That’s what a simple gathering is all about. Schedule a get-together with your friends today!

*Disclaimer: I was sent these SNUG camisoles c/o SNUG Camisoles to review. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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