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When John and I got married, someone gave us a gift certificate to a local store. We had enough to each pick out one thing. John bought a rechargeable flashlight, and I bought my first cookbook. I have to say both were put to good use over the years.

The is the cookbook I bought: Better Homes New Cookbook.

I can’t tell you the number of recipes I’ve cooked over the years—a lot!

I love that it’s a three-ring binder, which means the pages lay flat on the counter. It’s a perfect cookbook for a new wife—or someone out on her own for the first time—because the recipes are simple with no fancy ingredients. I liked mine so much I bought a copy for my daughter-in-law Katie when she married Cory.

One of my favorite recipes is the chicken enchiladas recipe.

My family loved it so much that it soon became my “company” meal. Yes, for many years that’s what I fixed for company.

Growing up I didn’t spend any time in the kitchen, yet from within the pages of this cookbook I discovered how to make banana bread, applesauce, ham and bean soup, and more. (Here’s a photo of my friend Kayleigh and some of the things we made from the recipes in this book just this week.)

The truth is I learned how to cook with this cookbook, too. The front of the book has cooking tips. (Yes, that part of the book got well used.)

After twenty-three years, I think that flashlight has gotten lost on one of our moves, but I’m still using my cookbook . . . and my family will agree that any of the simple foods I’ve made them over the years have proved the worthwhile investment.

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  1. My mom has the same cookbook. The cornbread recipe is the one that has gotten the most use over the years.

  2. Colleen Bartell says:

    I have that cookbook. I also have about 30 others. I think I use that on and the Betty Crocker cookbook the most.

  3. Me too, Colleen!

  4. Hi Tricia, love your blog!

    I too am a huge fan of enchiladas — there’s an amazing “Creamy Chicken” enchilada dish at http://jujugoodnews.com/white-chicken-enchiladas-with-green-chile-sour-cream-sauce/ Omg, my mouth is watering just thinking about it 😀

  5. It is a great cookbook!

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