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Pinterest "Fail" Turned WIN! | Not Quite Amish

Pinterest “Fail” Turned WIN!

While I have never had dinner with an Amish family, my mind imagines their meal time functions as this beautifully well-oiled machine that hums. Oh, how I wish this was the picture of my family meals. I work outside the home and typically get home past 6:00 p.m. and I am tired. Not only am I tired, but my kids are also tired from a full day at preschool and my husband is tired from a long day at work. Add hunger to that picture and it is not pretty. But recently a Pinterest “fail” of mine swooped in as our mealtime superhero.

Meet the Thankful Turkey.

I saw something like him last year on Pinterest and thought they would make cute place card holders for a dinner we were hosting. Usually I am fairly crafty, but this little critter turned out less than stellar in my books. But my kids found him as I was unpacking the Thanksgiving decorations this year and decided they wanted to keep him. In fact they added him to our kitchen table décor, not realizing what a brilliant move it would be.

One night a few weeks ago when getting everyone to the dinner table was extremely stressful and chaotic I called a “Time Out!” I grabbed the turkey and said, “We are going to pass our little Thankful Turkey around the table, and everyone has to say one thing we are thankful for about the day.” It was like magic!!! Everyone was quite, thoughtful, and reflective. The turkey actually went around the table close to four times before he went back to resting on the table. He has joined our family meal every day since then . . . bringing a sense of order to our dinnertime.

I have become extremely thankful for our Thankful Turkey and am already plotting what can replace him for Christmas. Ideas?

How about you? How do you cultivate a spirit of thankfulness into your family time?


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  1. Susan Fryman says:

    Thought this was quite clever and could envision one of our daughters using this idea. Thank you and blessings.

  2. Such a good idea! You know I’m not so sure you are going to replace him~ they will always want the Thankful Turkey.

  3. Nancy Michel says:

    What about replacing the turkey for the Christ child in a wooden cretch? make the creth out of popscicle sticks(cut), or with an angel? Love your site, I’m a newbie to it but it’s one of the first things I read each day!

  4. Cute post…cute idea! A good way to get family involved and to remember about being thankful!

  5. Thanks for the idea!

  6. Crystal Holtzheimer says:

    Oh, this is such a great idea! I love the Thankful Turkey. Perhaps for Christmas you could use a piece of Christmas greenery, like a pinecone, holly branch, or piece of mistletoe.

  7. Love this! Thank you for hosting the giveaway also.

  8. Katie Johnson says:

    Thanks for sharing such a great idea.

  9. Jackie Tessnair says:

    Great idea…very neat.Thanks for sharing.

  10. Woudl LOVE that book!

  11. At first glance I thought the pinterest fail part mean that the “pin and win” contest was called off!
    BTW—I have had a few pinterest flops as well!

  12. I love that idea.

  13. I have wanted this book since the first time I saw it! Almost Amish: One Woman’s Quest for a Slower, Simpler, More Sustainable Life
    Thank you for adding me for the drawing! Kathleen lanehillhouse[at]centurylink[dot]net

  14. Cara Putman says:

    Love this idea! Need our own thankful turkey!


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