A Little Community Time, Knitting Together

Carving out time for a weekly or monthly meeting is tough when we are all so busy. But I put it on my calendar anyway. The first and third Tuesday evenings of each month are blocked off. I guard this time and look forward to it. Those are my knit nights.

Tuesday evening I walk down the street and knock on my friend Anke’s door. She always calls out, “Come on in! It’s open!” I am expected. As each knitter arrives, Anke calls out again, “Come on in! It’s open!” Soon the room is full of women chatting. We each pull out our work, find our place in a pattern, and start where we left off. We admire one another’s progress, we hold up finished projects, and we seek advice through tangles.

Once we’ve all settled into our knitting we move on to other topics:
How is your sister?
Did you finish that book I lent you?
Is your car fixed?
Have you heard about the job interview?
How was that cake recipe?
We share an interest, and connection to each life around the circle. Knitting brought us together with a common craft but caring for each other is also a vital part of our gathering.

Sometimes knitting on a Tuesday evening is the only progress I make on my projects. But more importantly, it is a time I treasure to connect with my friends. I know about their cares and concerns, and they know my worries and joys. I am invested in helping them as a sounding board, cheerleader, helpmate, or prayer partner. When there is sadness— a grown child moving cross-country or a long job hunt left unfulfilled—we pray for one another. And when there is joy—a new home, a new baby, a new job—we celebrate together.

What would it take to get this kind of gathering going in your world? Do you have friends who would long to learn to knit? Or maybe there are scrapbook folks waiting to join each other? Quilters? A book club? Gathering in community on a regular basis offers each member of the group friendship and security. Consider finding a few friends with like-minded interests to gather monthly for a community of caring. The support (and silliness) it gives your life will be something you treasure each month.

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Lisa Bogart (64 Posts)

Lisa Bogart. Lisa is a movie-loving, book-reading, sweater-knitting, cookie-baking, world-traveling woman. She is also the author of Knit With Love, Stories to Warm a Knitters Heart. She won the Guideposts Writers Workshop in 2010. These days Lisa works part time at Piedmont Yarn in Oakland, CA. And she loves nothing better than writing all morning, knitting all afternoon, and watching a movie with hubby in the evening. You can find Lisa online at LisaBogart.com.


  1. Susan Fryman says:

    Lisa thank you for these wonderful thoughts today. Sounds like you have a wonderful group of gals. I would love to try something like this but will probably wait till we move, which God willing, it will be soon. Blessings.

  2. Its a wonderful idea to bring like minded people together and share some good news as well as challenges together. In our village we call the group ‘the crafts’ a good opportunity to venture into new areas and share knowledge

  3. I run! I have a group of gals crazy enough to get up and start running at 5:15 am. By the time we have covered 3 to 6 miles, we are all caught up on each others current joys and woes.

    • Run! Wow! RUN! Wow! That’s great. The only thing in my life I can measure in miles is length of yarn knit. teehee. Lovely to hear you have a group you enjoy, even if it is at 5:15 AM. I know it offers a lot of community.

  4. Nancy Williams says:

    I am very lucky to have something just like that in my home town. Every other Wednesday night a group of ladies meets at the library to do just what these ladies do. It is my time to socialize with other adults, as I am a stay at home Mom. Most of those ladies are more experienced than me but I don’t care and they don’t care. It is not about showing off and I just love it.

  5. Lisa, I completely agree with you about the value of community time while knitting. I’ve been knitting since I was in kindergarten, and it has been passed down through my family. It is such a treasured time!

    • Since kindergarten! Wow you out shine me! My mom waited till I was in junior high to pull out the knitting needles and show me how. But I seem to be making up for lost time. teehee. Mom and I are sharing patterns now that we live in different time zones. I miss knitting with her.


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